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Want To Change The World? Come Join Us!

Meet Our Team, Pushing Boundaries Everyday

I have been working in FiveRivers Technologies for 15 years and over my journey I have gained much more than I could have expected. The productive environment and supportive management has helped me turn into a true professional in all aspects

Meet Saqib Iqbal, Head
IT Dept
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My experience at FiveRivers up till now has been pretty amazing. While working here I have progressed immensely in many dimensions. The people working here are highly motivating and encouraging. The environment here pushes me to excel and reach a new level every day. Five Rivers has helped me a lot in growing as an individual and as a lead. My journey has been very pleasing so far and I look forward to an amazing future ahead

Meet Samra Saeed, Team Lead
SQA Dept
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To work at your best, you need to be part of an exceptional team. That is the reason I am back working at FiveRivers after five years of spell out. FiveRivers Tech is an ambitiously progressive, dynamic, and sociable place. If you have the same character, you will prosper here and will have fun doing it

Meet Ali Hassan, Product Manager
Development Dept
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The thing I love most about working at FRT is the sense of family within the team. We all feel like FRT is more than just the place we work and our colleagues are more than people we work with. We’re there for each other in good times and bad and that is what makes being a part of this team so special.

Meet Mahe Zehra, Chief Executive Officer
Management Dept
Kumail (1)

Time flies… It’s been more than 6 years and I believe many more good years yet to come! Working at FRT is a great pleasure for me. The essence of FRT is its conducive and friendly work environment and supportive management. I’m glad to be a part of this organization which has really helped me to grow professionally.

Meet Kumail Rizvi, Team Lead
Dev Dept
Faiqa (1)

Started as a Graphic Designer in 2012 here at FRT and after this 8 years run nothing less awesome than leading a UI/UX Team - good vibes always last! The exceptional encouragement and support of FRT management is the key to do great work.

Meet Faiqa Irfan, Team Lead
UI / UX Dept
Amina (1)

8+ years of Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with combined experience in project management and customer service as a Project Manager, leading teams and expediting technology-based products to a diverse client base. Exceptional planning, organizational, and leadership skills with proven success completing complex projects on time and within budget.

Meet Amina Saeed, Team Lead
Dev Dept

Perks & Benefits

Paid Time Off

A generous leave and PTO package which consists of medical, casual, and annuals, and year-end complete leave encashment.

Trips & Events

We have a dedicated calendar for company-sponsored trips, holiday celebratory events, and regular in-house recreational activities.

Community Building

We are an active member of communities for marketing, disrupt, and technology. You get an awesome chance to represent us.

Healthy Insurance

We offer a healthcare plan for prescription coverage as well as inpatient and outpatient care.

Maternity / Paternity Leave

Extended time off for all moms and dads to-be to focus on their family life, and return to work with a fresh mind and a plan.

Professional Learning

We conduct regular in-house and virtual training programs where everyone can learn about the latest in technology.

Flexible Timing

We provide options to plan your work activities around personal or family commitments for the perfect work-life balance


FiveRivers Technologies is all about working hard but having fun too. Participate in both indoor and outdoor games.

Team Lunches

Company-sponsored team lunches are ice-breakers, giving you a chance to know your team and the leadership.

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Our Secret To A Well-Adjusted Workplace?


Millenials love their refreshements and coffee is at the core. Have a laugh while working in a bright, colorful, and relaxed environment. We will surprise you with treats from time to time to make it even more fun.


At FiveRivers Technologies, we don't follow the 'all work and no play' saying. While we strive to work hard and provide the highest-quality software services, we also believe in making our employees' lives comfortable.


Workspaces should never be boring because we spend most of our time being productive at our stations. Decorate with minions or come up with unique stationery ideas to give them color. Be creative and design workspaces with the 'wow' factor!


As team players, our approach is to promote inclusivity because together, everyone wins. We value the skills, expertise, and fun that each of our teams brings to work, and our culture of collaboration always sees us through to success.

Our Culture


FiveRivers Technologies is a pioneer IT House in Pakistan that kickstarted work in Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, and Data Sciences since 2003. Our current portfolio includes unicorns, fortune 500 & promising start-ups!


Our culture of I.M.P.A.C.T is something very close to our hearts. It is translated into our professional circles as well as our day to day individual communication.


Our office environment boasts a sense of belonging, collaboration and being dynamic. We have inter-connected departmental offices that simultaneously offer both privacy and access to each other for better flow of communication.

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